Alpha Theta Omega meet and greet


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The Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority met Tuesday to welcome new members, play games and share personal stories.

Every member dressed in purple, some donning ATO jackets. To “break the ice” a toilet paper roll was passed around, from which everyone took a pull. Each person then had to say one thing about themselves for each sheet. 

Next, the girls played a game called “mad scientist” which is something like a cross between musical chairs and Simon says.

As the evening wound down, the focus was brought to a question-and-answer session in which Brittany Dixon, a student interested in the sorority, heard first-hand accounts of the members’ calls to faith and the sorority.

Some members shared that they were hesitant to join but have since found acceptance and friendship.

Bridgette Anthony, 23,an MU alumna, said she comes back for the sisterhood the sorority offers her.

“I chartered this line,” Anthony said. “I like to continue to see it grow. Some of us don’t have sisters, some of us do.

“I’m not as close to my real sisters as I am with some of the ladies in this sorority.”


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