UM System hires new associate VP to address future employee benefits

By Walker Moskop

COLUMBIA  — The University of Missouri  System has appointed a new administrator to develop salary, reward and benefit policies for its 37,000 employees.

Kelley Stuck will begin Nov. 1 as the associate vice president of total compensation for the system. She will be paid $175,000.

A UM news release stated that Stuck “will be responsible for developing a total comprehensive rewards strategy.”

System spokeswoman Jennifer Hollingshead said Stuck will be involved in shaping a range of compensation policies for employees, including salaries and benefits. This will include evaluating the possibility of moving away from the system’s current defined benefits plan.

Stuck will be present at the Compensation and Human Resources Committee meeting Nov. 1, where curators will discuss the option of switching from the UM retirement benefits plan to defined contributions, a non-fixed plan in which individual employees assume investment risk and rewards. A new plan wouldn’t apply to current employees and retirees — only future hires.

Although the system is technically in the midst of a hiring freeze, Hollingshead said Stuck is filling a similar position vacated by former Associate Vice President of Benefits Mike Paden, who left the system May 31.

According to the news release, Stuck served as the vice president for Aon Consulting before joining UM.

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