How to deal with animals in your area


Animals try to navigate busy streets, but sometimes the unlucky ones don’t make it across. So what’s the next step after spotting dead or live animals in your neighborhood?

Brandon Anderson of the Columbia’s Animal Control department said there are six animal control officers who oversee all of Boone County’s animal needs every day. He provided some tips for anyone unsure about what to do when such situations involving animals arise.

Roadkill – If you spot it and can’t take care of it, call Animal Control. Unless an officer happens to drive by the animal and see it, he or she won’t know about it. The number for Boone County is (573) 449-1888.

Deer – A dead deer requires more resources to remove from a street than Animal Control has available. Call the Missouri Department of Conservation at (573) 884-6861 for these situations.

Live animals – If you have a live animal problem near your house, the Missouri Department of Conservation has live traps for public use. Call (573) 884-6861 for live traps.

Anderson added that anyone can take care of animal situations on their own. Animal Control can teach residents how to use live traps and how far away to take animals once they’re caught.

Check out a previous post on the blog about animal safety in residential areas.


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