Grandparents enjoy a day at Two Mile Prairie

Jayden Mayfield, 9, and his grandmothers Suzie Pierce and Deb Shore reading a letter together at Two Mile Prairie’s Grandparents’ Day.


Hundreds of grandparents gathered in Two Mile Prairie Elementary’s gym for punch and cookies at Grandparents’ Day. Deb Shore and Suzie Pierce, both of Columbia, came to visit their grandson Jayden Mayfield, 9.

“Jayden’s family moved from Kansas two years ago, so it’s nice to get to do these kinds of things now,” Shore said.

After listening to the “Two Mile Prairie Song” and one about grandparents, the two grandmothers made their way to Mrs. Christina Wehmeyer’s third-grade classroom to see Jayden.

“I was excited to show them my classroom and say ‘hi’,” Jayden said.

Wehmeyer’s students wrote letters to their grandparents, which they shared with them. In the letter, the students asked their grandparents questions, such as “what was it like when you were in third grade?”

The grandparents then wrote a paragraph about what they remembered from third grade, and their grandchildren illustrated them.

“When I was in elementary school, the girls couldn’t wear shorts or slacks,” Pierce said. “I always had to wear dresses. I could only wear slacks when it was below zero outside, and even then I wore a skirt over them.”

Grandparents’ Days is a great opportunity for grandparents to get one-on-one time with their grandchildren. And in Mrs. Wehmeyer’s classroom, the students got to hear stories about when their grandparents were their age.

“I like creating memories with Jayden,” Shore said.


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