Lee Fall Carnival is a celebration of colors



Teachers, parents and even grandparents joined in the fun at Lee Elementary’s fall carnival Friday evening.


Aerial view of families at Lee's fall carnival

Families enjoy the games at Lee's fall carnival on Friday, Oct. 8, 2010.

Judy Horner, a grandmother of two Lee kids was busy selling tickets. Her husband Bob was in charge of the bean bag toss game. The couple came down from Chicago for the weekend to visit their grandchildren.

“Their parents are out of town, so we’re babysitting,” Judy Horner said.

Bob Horner enjoyed his duties at the bean bag toss game.

“I’m here till 7 p.m., or till my back gives out,” he said.

The carnival was organized by the PTA, which began planning almost a month earlier.

“Most of it happens in the last week, though,” said Kiersa Toll, fundraising coordinator for the PTA.

Carnival games included two bean bag tosses, a balloon dart game, knocking down milk bottles and a cakewalk.


Ticket booth at Lee Fall Carnival

Judy Horner, left, a Lee grandparent and Linda Poehlmann, right, a teacher sell tickets at the carnival Friday, Oct. 8, 2010.


Lauren Martin, a kindergarten student, won a box of cookies in the cakewalk. It wasn’t her favorite game, though.

“I like the bouncy house because it’s bouncy,” she said.

Caitlin Harvey, 11 and Bo Scribner, 12 were both Lee alumni and in charge of the ‘Sucker Pick’ game.

“I wasn’t really planning to come, but my friend told me about the carnival,” Bo said. “I thought it’d be cool and I’d get to see a lot of my friends here.”


Student volunteers at Lee Fall Carnival

Bo Scribner, left and Caitlin Harvey, right, manage the 'Sucker Pick' game at the carnival


Esther Stroh, president of Lee’s PTA, said the carnival was a good way to get families together. Her daughter Ella, a fifth-grader at Lee, was excited about the prizes.

“I won a bunch of tickets and traded them in for mini-highlighters,” she said.

Apart from the games, there was an eScrip stall in which parents could contribute. Suzette Bacon, parent of a third-grader and first-grader, explained how the proceeds helped Lee.

“When people shop at Shnucks, a part of that money goes back to the school,” Bacon said. “It helps pay for field trips and other things.”

Sarah Pedrazas, an English teacher, said the carnival had two benefits.

“It’s a good event to get parents involved and families excited about school,” she said.

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