Rothwell Heights Association elects new board members, discusses finances


Rothwell Heights Association President Farah Nieuwenhuizen takes nominations for new board members.



An election of new board members, a discussion of the association’s finances and a handful of guest speakers were all on the agenda at the Oct. 5 Rothwell Heights Association meeting.

The annual meeting was at  Community United Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall and included a free lasagna dinner for the 50 attendees. President Farah Nieuwenhuizen quickly called for an election of two new members. Neighborhood residents Judy Pretell and Stephanie Walker were unanimously confirmed to the Board of Directors. They will replace Sherry Barton and John Sanders who decided to step down.

The next item on the agenda was the current balance of the association’s savings and checking accounts. A handful of members said that the $10 annual dues need to be enforced or the association will run out of money in the coming years. “We need your dues,” Treasurer Carol Braaten said. The Rothwell Heights Association has 270 households within its jurisdiction and about 10 percent of these households pay annual dues. The dues cover the landscaping and maintenance of their neighborhood sign and postage for mailings.

Bill Cantin of the Office of Neighborhood Services was the first guest speaker. He detailed the city departments to call to get a neighborhood issue resolved. He then answered questions on a variety of Rothwell Heights concerns such as illegally parked cars and rotting tree stumps in front yards. The Office of Neighborhood Services can be reached at 817-5050 or

Kenney Hubble of the Missouri Association of Realtors spoke about Amendment 3. He asked people to vote “yes” on Nov. 2, to change the Missouri Constitution to no transfer taxes. The taxes occur when property of any kind is transferred to another party. “We’re the first state nationwide to try to ban a transfer tax,” Hubble said.

Some additional issues and announcements that were discussed at the meeting:

  • An attempt will be made to ensure that the neighborhood’s covenant is up to date and legal. It was written in the 1960s and some are worried that it cannot be enforced in its current state. “We can make it legal, if it is not and then we can do something about the dues,” said Nieuwenhuizen. A copy will be presented to all interested parties.
  • Nieuwenhuizen said that the Missouri Department of Transportation will repair the culvert at the intersection of West Broadway and Rothwell Drive. Rothwell Drive will be closed for one day and she said that she will alert members when she finds out the exact date.
  • Members were encouraged to sign up to become one of the 23 block chairs that help to keep their street informed on neighborhood events. Each chair is responsible for 12 to 13 houses. Interested individuals should contact Nieuwenhuizen with their name and address.

A scan of the budget hand-out is attached. IMG_0001


Bill Cantin from the Office of Neighborhood Services takes questions from the Rothwell Heights Association.



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