Parkade Baptist Church helps fund new facility with cookbooks


Parkade Baptist Church is planning to add an extension on the south side of its current facility.

The new building will be two stories tall and have classrooms, a kitchen, fellowship hall, reception area and bathrooms. Handicap-accessible elevators will be installed to aid church members.

The congregation is growing to the point where there isn’t enough space in the church to fit everyone for their Thanksgiving Fellowship, and the bathrooms aren’t currently handicap accessible to those who need them, said Chris Cook, pastor of Parkade Baptist for the past 9½ years.

“There’s a lot of pressing need here,” Cook said. “We really want this building to be utilized by the community and be a place where they can gather if needed as well.”

The Capital Campaign committee, a group elected by church members to raise money, has called on the congregation to go above and beyond their tithes until the money is collected. Many members have taken “commitment pledges” to give what extra they can.

Lori Iles, a member of Parkade Baptist Church, found a different way to help.

The project started a few months ago when Iles was talking to a member of the church about how she’d always wanted to make a cookbook. To Iles’ surprise, her fellow church member had just received a brochure in the mail from Morris Press Cookbooks, a company that helps groups fundraise with cookbooks.

Iles organized a committee of five women who met every other week to plan the cookbook.

The committee requested recipes to help fill the pages of the cookbook through word of mouth and at church.

The Parkade Baptist Church Cookbook will have about 500 recipes organized into seven categories, even including some gluten-free recipes. The book will be hardcover with spiral binding.

Committee member Whitney Lewis created the design for the cookbook’s cover. The cookbook’s other design elements were selected from pre-made templates from Morris Press Cookbooks.

For the first order of 500, the books will cost $15 each. If the church runs out, the cookbooks will be sold for $17 apiece to account for extra shipping costs. With these prices, the church will make a profit if they sell more than 300 books.

The cookbooks go on pre-sale in October but will be sold at Parkade Baptist starting in mid-November.

“The exciting part is we are growing,” Cook said. “God provides through his people — but it’s not about the building, it’s about the ministry.”

Others interested in helping or purchasing the cookbook can contact the church at its website or by phone at (573) 443-4585.


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