Vanderveen families clean out their closets


Residents of Vanderveen Crossing exchanged clutter in their homes for change in their pockets Saturday afternoon.

It was a family affair for many as they moved old clothes, toys and furniture to their driveways for the neighborhood’s annual fall garage sale.

“People say, ‘You don’t get that much money, why do you waste the time?’’ Melanie Cox, a Vanderveen resident, said of the garage sale she shared with her daughter and grandson. “It’s because we enjoy that time together. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun.”

Cox’s daughter, Courtney Stoerker, said she likes the money she earns from selling her 10-month-old son’s old clothes.

“That’s why I do it,” Stoerker said. “Because I can take that money and go buy him new stuff.”

Cox and Stoerker, who have participated in the garage sale for six years, said this year brought more traffic than the last, part of the reason being all the baby clothes they brought to sell.

Renee Terrell, sister of Vanderveen resident Stephanie Gardner, shared Gardner’s garage for the sale and also noticed the interest in shopping for children.

“A lot of the toys went,” Terrell said. “I was surprised they went for toys more so than other things. They were really into Transformers this year.”

Kristi Mott participated in the sale this year for the second time to get rid of her kids’ old things.

“I think a lot of people shop at garage sales because they’re looking for a deal,” Mott said. “Regardless of how the economy is.”

Vanderveen Crossing neighborhood plans to have another garage sale in the spring.


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