Local man ‘rooted’ in blues

By Caitlin Wherley


Bob Howald, of Columbia, has been to all four Roots N’ Blues N’ BBQ festivals.

“I love blues music,” Howald said. “It’s the kind of music that tells a story. The roots of music is in blues. If not for blues, there wouldn’t be rap or rock music.”

Howald started out listening to Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters in the 1970s.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that the Rolling Stones got their name from a Muddy Waters song,” he said.

Now, Howald listens to artists like Derek Trucks. Trucks is performing with Susan Tedeschi at 8:45 p.m. Saturday on the Mediacom Stage in Peace Park.

Howald came for the blues music and for the barbecue. He sampled pulled pork, a brat and chips from Lutz’s BBQ on Elm Street.

He said he really enjoys the Roots N’ Blues festivals because people look like they’re having a good time, and it’s a great outing for the whole family.


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