Roots ‘N’ Blues ‘N’ BBQ lived up to its name


Roots ‘N’ Blues ‘N’ BBQ attendees came to the festival to hear some good music and eat some good food, and they weren’t disappointed. Columbia locals Travis Rice and Lisa Elkin came to hear Tab Benoit.

“He’s up there with the best,” Rice said. “I dig the blues and he’s awesome.”

Elkin spoke highly of the barbecue.

“We tried Tammie’s Covenant Kitchen,” she said. “That was good.”

Their friend Amanda Brammann, of Hallsville, was busy enjoying the fall evening temperature.

“We want to enjoy the weather before it gets yucky,” she said.

Meanwhile, vendors were trying to entice the crowd with their products.

Jermain Orr successfully set up his six-month-old personal chef service, Made To Order, in a booth at the festival. He said his pulled pork sandwiches were the most popular dish thus far, but his homemade southern style sauce was also a hit.

“That’s the next most popular thing, the sauce,” Orr said.

Not everyone in the crowd was there just to listen to the music and eat the barbecue though. The Columbia Police Department had a total of 40 officers working the festival’s opening night.

Officer Todd Alber was pleased with the general vibe of the festival’s crowd.

“It’s quiet” he said.


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