Ridgeway Elementary welcomes new counselor



Meet Marilyn King, a new counselor this year at Ridgeway Elementary School. Here’s a little bit to help you get to know her, in her own words:

Ms. King plans to graduate with a doctorate in leadership in 2013.



Columbia, Mo.


I attended Stephens College for both my BA in business administration and master’s in counseling education.


Previous Experience:

Being a counselor is new for me. I have been at Jefferson Junior for the past 15 years and I worked in administration as a Home School Communicator.

Favorite part of your job:

I am truly enjoying the hugs and the smiling faces that yell out my name when they see me!!

What do you like to do in your free time:

FREE time is something that I don’t have at this point!!!!!

Favorite food:

Seafood and especially shrimp, but I love Chinese food also.

Favorite TV shows:

“NCIS,” “CIS,” “Law and Order: SVU.”

One life goal or motto:

You have to believe to achieve your dreams! I am currently working on my doctorate in leadership and plan to graduate in 2013.


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