Drivers beware, the fuel tank has arrived


Traffic on Broadway between S. Ann and William streets will be partially affected by Boone Hospital Center renovations starting Tuesday.

The possible delays are caused by construction on a side project at the hospital that has begun, the hospital’s spokesman Jacob Luecke said.

“We will be placing a 20,000 gallon tank underground which will hold fuel to power the backup generator for our new patient tower,” Luecke said. “This work will require one lane of Broadway to be shut down from time to time over the next four to six weeks.”

A construction worker stands with road blocks on the pavement of Broadway. One lane of Broadway will be closed between S. Ann and William streets because of construction work.

The fuel tank will be placed under the small parking lot at the back of the parking garage on S. Ann Street. On Monday, construction workers started pulling out the concrete surface of the lot, but traffic had not been disturbed.

Construction equipment drilling in to the concrete surface of the lot at Boone Hospital Center

Construction workers at the site said a lane from the parking lot will be dropped off on Broadway on Tuesday, closing down one of the eastbound lanes.


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