Open house welcomes Derby Ridge families

By Caitlin Wherley

An ice cream truck was on hand for students and parents as they walked into Derby Ridge Elementary School on Thursday night, Sept. 23. Inside, it smelled of hotdogs. A table in the entryway was set up to sell Derby Ridge Dragons T-shirts, sweatshirts and water bottles.

It was Derby Ridge’s open house, followed by a street dance.

Families started the night off with dinner in the school’s cafeteria, cooked by Family-School Partnership. Students then took their parents to their classrooms.

“Open house is the first time parents and teachers have met face to face since Meet the Teacher Night in August,” Principal Tina Windett said. “It’s also a time for children to show their parents their classroom, where they sit and where their book box is.”

After the open house, families went outside for the street dance, which started at 6:15 p.m. Many of the girls were dressed up for the dance.

The dance was added to the open house about eight years ago, Windett said. Derby Ridge’s then principal, Michael Schooley, thought a street dance would be something fun for families to do after open house.


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