Volunteers enrich Derby Ridge students’ education



The Multigenerational Project at Derby Ridge Elementary, now in its second year, was formed to recognize and build on the strengths of each of the school’s students.

“This project is so important because many kids come to school lacking pre-academic skills,” said Recil Skinner, the onsite coordinator for the project.

A team of volunteers from the Boone County Council on Aging and students from MU’s service learning program meet weekly with all kindergartners and one class of first graders. The students play games with the helpers in the Bookroom, learning important skills such as sharing and sportsmanship. Volunteers also help out in the classroom during reading and writing time.

“Getting started on the right foot in kindergarten is very important,” said Principal Tina Windett.

She said the project is great for the students and the volunteers and that everyone involved benefits by learning from and interacting with different generations.

“Our volunteers become a part of the classroom community,” Windett said.

The Multigenerational Project is also currently in place at Lee and Benton elementary schools.


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