Eleven Hickman students named 2011 National Merit Semifinalists



Congratulations to the following Hickman high school seniors who were named 2011 National Merit Semifinalists Wednesday:

  • Andy Atkins
  • Grant Bradshaw
  • William Cowell
  • Grant Hendrix
  • John Hosmer-Quint
  • William Lee
  • Thomas Majerus
  • Ryan Pruitt
  • Cyrus Rautman
  • Eric Young
  • Angela Zou

According to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, less than one percent of high school seniors can claim this honor.

So how does one become a National Merit Semifinalist?

Each state is allotted a number of semifinalists proportional to the state’s percentage of the total number of graduating seniors nationwide that year. National Merit Semifinalists are those students who scored highest in their states on the PSAT (Preliminary SAT or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) given their junior year.

Semifinalists must fulfill several qualifications before becoming Finalists, including maintaining an outstanding academic record through high school, receiving recommendations from their high school principals and earning SAT scores that reflect their high level of performance on the PSAT.

National Merit Scholars will be chosen from the group of Finalists based on their skill level, accomplishments and potential for success in college.

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