Lee School reaches out to parents



Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School has come up with an innovative idea to encourage parent participation.

The school is offering parents a chance to get involved in their children’s academic life with a “Family Passport.”

The passport gives parents ways to complete fun-filled activities with their kids at school, at home and in the outdoors. The activities include attending a school event, going on a family outing, going on a field trip with their child’s class and  more.

The tasks are grouped in to three stages. Parents and children, together, need to complete at least one activity in Stage 1, at least two in Stage 2 and at least three activities in stage 3. Parents who turn in the completed passport by Nov. 12 will be invited to attend the Lee movie night.

The family passports were handed out to the parents by Principal Karen Burger at the school’s PTA meeting on Sept. 7.

Lee Family Passport

Lee Family Passport displaying the different stages and activities. Parents who complete these activities get to attend the Lee movie night with their kids.

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