Lee PTA kicks off with “Back to School Night”



It was “Back to school night” at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School Tuesday evening.

Parents, kids and teachers got together for the first PTA meeting of the new school year. In the absence of the PTA president Estor Stroh, Vice President William Horner led the organizing party and encouraged parents to become members of the association.

“We have a good group of parents who participate in the PTA,” Horner said. “We always want more parents to join in.”

Kiersa Toll, the member in charge of the association’s fund raising efforts, asked for volunteers for the fall carnival and for sponsors for PTA events. The carnival is scheduled for Oct. 8,

After the initial meeting, teachers moved to their classrooms to spend more one-on-one time with their students’ parents. The meeting was divided into three sessions to give parents with more than one child time to talk to different teachers.

Horner, whose children Ellie, 7, and Tricia, 10, attend second and fifth grade at Lee, said the PTA is an advocate for parents’ concerns and tries to improve parent participation through the events it hosts during the year.

“We really look forward to the events we sponsor,” Horner said.

Benjamin Micek, whose 6-year-old daughter Madelyne attends kindergarten at Lee, attended his first PTA meeting Tuesday night. He said he expects the association to provide open communication about what is happening with the students.

Kindergarten teacher Cynthia Kilfoyle said communication between parents and teachers, such as through e-mail and the school’s website, has improved over the years. Teachers also use “Friday folders” to send instructions to parents every week. Kilfoyle said PTA meetings are important because they help keep parents informed.

Third grade teacher Kathleen Corley said PTA meetings help parents and teachers stay on the same page.

“(PTA meetings) create a community between the teachers and parents,” she said.


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