Intersection at Melbourne Avenue and Windsor Street welcomes mural


After the midday sun dried the remnants of Friday night’s rain, artists started Saturday’s mural painting at the intersection of Melbourne Avenue and Windsor Street.

Volunteers began preparing for the mural throughout the week. They started with priming the street, then drew the outline of the pattern with chalk and finally painted over the chalk outline, said Sandy Eccles, the artist who designed both last week’s and this week’s mural.

The mural, the second to happen in the city, symbolizes the four directions, the four seasons and the four elements of life: fire, wind, earth and air.

The mural is meant to be an aesthetically pleasing aspect of the neighborhood.

“It’s brings more beauty in the world, ” Eccles said. “If there was a circular artwork around and above, and people drive around it, it would be awesome!”

The surface of this week’s painting is rougher than last week’s, which means it might take more paint to complete and the road’s surface might make the paint less durable, Eccles said. Volunteers used street paint and exterior house paint for the mural .

With MU’s first home game football game going on and a chicken processing workshop happening in the neighborhood, Eccles said she expected fewer volunteers for this week’s mural painting than she did last week.

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