A new place to worship



The Broadway Christian Church is starting a new ministry for those who are looking for a different church experience. The group calls themselves the Core@Orr.

For starters, they will be meeting in an art gallery, Orr Studios at 106 Orr Street. Also the service is at 5 p.m. on Sunday nights. This gives travelers the opportunity to get back into town and students the chance to sleep in or finish up homework. The fall kickoff date is Sunday.

Nick Larson, a minister at Broadway Christian, is looking forward to the program.

“I’m really excited about the ability to take different approaches,” Larson said. “We are creating a welcome space with the core service that will give us an opportunity to interact with each other.”

He describes the Core@Orr as a community gathered around music, art and fellowship with the main focus being interaction.

The church expects to see new faces as well as welcoming members from their current congregation with this contemporary take on weekend services.


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