Traffic study to be conducted on North Cedar Lake Drive


The city is examining the traffic in Cedar Lake this month.

The Columbia Public Works Department will be conducting a traffic calming study on North Cedar Lake Drive during the month of September. The study is being done in response to complaints regarding speeding and increased traffic volume on North Cedar Lake Drive.

“(North Cedar Lake Drive) was on the radar as an area that could have problems,” Richard Stone, Engineer II for the Public Works Department, said.

There have been previous problems with drivers cutting through to avoid traffic on Southampton Drive. After receiving further complaints from the Cedar Lake Neighborhood Association, the Public Works Department made the decision to conduct the study.

The traffic calming study will provide a snapshot of a single day’s traffic that is representative of a typical day on that road. It is conducted by placing small plates on the road that count the number of cars that pass by, as well as their speed.

The study will determine if the 85th percentile of drivers are going 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit or if cut-through traffic makes up more than 25 percent of the total volume. If either of these criteria is met, they will pursue a traffic calming project.

According to Stone, the city will most likely install speed humps if a traffic calming project is found to be necessary. Speed humps are the most common and most effective solution, he said. They result in about a 5 mph reduction in speed for $3,000 per hump.

The city of Columbia’s Traffic Calming Policy states that if the Public Works Department finds a problem with traffic in the neighborhood after the traffic calming study, they will report to the City Council and will hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss findings and possible solutions.


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