Planning and Zoning to consider rezoning area near public library


The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Thursday to discuss a request to rezone the corner of Broadway and First Street.

The 0.13 acre lot is part of the Howe Business Park but is currently zoned as a multiple family dwelling, or R-3. Dan Brush, an engineer at Brush & Associates, asked that the area be rezoned in the central business district, or C-2.

Brush wrote a letter to the commission in August and said the site at 70 E. Broadway has been used as commercial space for more than 30 years.

The property was allocated for apartments in 1935 but has been a restaurant space for years.

“The rezoning is essentially a housekeeping exercise to match the zoning with the traditional property use,” according to a report included in this week’s commission agenda.

H-One, the company that owns the property, intends to put an office building on the lot.

The commission meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday in the City Council chambers at 701 E. Broadway.


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