Two Mile ‘dogs’ rooted in old schools


Two Mile Prairie Elementary is two miles from the Lake of the Woods exit, out on Route Z, and although it’s not part of the Blue Ridge-Oakland neighborhood area, it’s part of my coverage area for the Missourian. One of my goals for the next four months is to shine light on Two Mile Prairie, its faculty, staff, students and parents.

Two Mile Prairie became a part of Columbia Public Schools in the 1972-1973 school year. But the school started as the Two Mile Prairie PTA for Judy School and Murry School in 1960. Jacobs School joined Judy and Murry schools three years later to form the New Organized Two Mile Prairie PTA. Two Mile Prairie is in the area where Judy, Murry and Jacobs schools used to be.

Two Mile Prairie’s mascot is the prairie dog, and their school colors are red and white.

Two Mile Prairie is host to the Senior Year On Site Program, or SYOSP, through MU’s College of Education. Senior education majors rotate through the various grade levels for three days a week, helping students in the classroom and learning from the teachers they work under. SYOSP students can later apply for fellowship opportunities in Columbia Public Schools.

Two Mile Prairie will also have a high school intern this year, who will mentor students much like the college seniors in SYOSP.

Two Mile Prairie has many opportunities for students to learn and grow. Like 18 other elementary schools in the area, Two Mile Prairie has Adventure Club, which provides hands-on educational and recreation activities for students before and after school.

Reading Rovers is an at-home reading program for second- and third-graders that encourages them to read for 15 minutes every night. Students who complete 75 percent of the required reading are invited to a special afternoon event each month.

Two Mile Prairie also holds a chili supper, science olympiad week and Civil War day throughout the school year.

Make sure you look for profiles of Two Mile Prairie’s new teachers (Sheri Parker, Kelsey Cook and Susannah McMillion) and principal (Patti Raynor) in upcoming posts.


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