Lost and found in a new part of town

Just as Columbia was starting to feel like home (and home is the rarely heard-of state, South Dakota), I discovered a world that isn’t overly populated by eager students and drenched in tiger spirit 24/7.

Wow, am I lost?

My name is Briana Gust, and I am a reporter for the Missourian this semester, reporting for the College Park-West Boulevard area.

After I was assigned this neighborhood, I was told to get lost. That’s exactly what happened. I wandered around and discovered some beautiful places, neighborhoods and people, away from my world at MU. I was honored to meet some of the neighbors, including people who work at schools, churches and businesses, as well as long-time residents.

But I have yet to meet you all.

I cannot wait to begin reporting about upcoming events and partake in the community. From what I’ve observed, the College Park-West Boulevard neighborhoods are a great place to be.

If you have any story ideas, please feel free to contact me at Bjggx2@mail.missouri.edu.


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