New to the Parkade neighborhood

Hi, everyone. I’m Kelsey McQuade, and I’m new to covering the Parkade neighborhood.

Here’s a little bit about me to start. I’m a junior magazine journalism major with a business minor. I’m from a small town in Connecticut, about 50 miles outside of New York City.

I’m the oldest of four siblings, the youngest being the only boy, and he’s the greatest 11-year-old ever. I hope to eventually do some form of editing, whether it be magazines, books, etc.

Anyway, about my neighborhood: Our whole beat went to the neighborhood and went to various places to introduce ourselves. We started at the fire department, which is new. We asked how often people were there and will more than likely do a story about the recent construction.

After, we drove around the residential area just to see what kind of houses were there. Our last stops were at two of our area schools, Parkade Elementary and Hickman High. We picked up an event calendar from Parkade, but Hickman staffers referred us to their website. If we can get access to their events calendar, which is protected, on the district website, we will share events.

In the meantime, please comment with story ideas or events listings.


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