Construction work at Boone Hospital Center continues


It might seem like the construction at Boone Hospital Center is moving slowly, but it’s actually right on schedule.

Jacob Luecke, spokesman for Boone Hospital Center, said he expects the new patient tower to open in spring 2011, as advertised on the hospital’s website.

A view of the under construction patient tower at Boone Hospital Center in Columbia

“The Boone Hospital Center new patient tower is progressing nicely this summer,” Luecke said. “Recent months saw progress on the building’s exterior, which is moving closer to completion. Inside the building, workers are currently installing the elevators as well as working on drywall on the lower floors, among other work.”

The new patient tower is part of the second phase of the project. Construction began on May 12, 2009 immediately after the completion of the first phase of construction: the William Street Parking Garage.

According to the hospital’s post on the East Neighborhood Campus Association blog, the tower will contain:

  • 128 private patient rooms on eight levels
  • 44 ICU rooms
  • 84 medical/surgical rooms

It will also connect to the 940-space parking garage through a bridge over William Street.

Bridge over William Street connects the William Street Parking Garage (left) with the new patient tower (right).

William Street will also be remodeled, as part of the project. Currently, it is only open for one way traffic. While construction hasn’t affected most residents, it has affected some pedestrians.

“I run from William to Stephens (College) so running has been a bit of a problem around the construction.” William Street resident Jenn Melton said.

Dr. Doom agrees. Doom is a two and a half year old boxer pitbull mix that lives on Dorsey Street. His owner Brian Feltch takes him for walks near the hospital area.

“(The construction) has bothered me walking my dog,” Feltch said.

Kyle Schaefer, a former public relations officer at the hosptital had said in an earlier report that the hospital would be in communication with the residents regarding the remodeling of William Street.

Luecke said residents were kept informed of construction decisions.

“When we were preparing to temporarily make William Street one-way for construction, we did do door-to-door communication to ensure everyone was familiar with how the roads would be changing through the end of the year,” he said.

Claire Constant, a William Street resident, said she had not received any notifications from the hospital since the construction began. However, Danielle Livingston, a Nursing student at MU, said she did get an email “about the bridge and the new facilities.”

According to the East Campus Neighborhood Association blog, William Street will open to two way traffic by the end of this year. Details of the remodeling project can be found here.


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