Root beer kegger toasts food, fun

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Plastic cups  filled with soda and ping pong balls —  not typical items at a school-sponsored event.

For the annual Root Beer Kegger at Columbia College, students played soda pong as part of an event about drinking responsibly.

“We’ve been doing the root beer kegger for probably six or seven years now,” said Kim Coke, director of student development.

The cups were stamped with statements about the consequences of irresponsible drinking. Three short videos were shown to encourage students to make positive choices.

Peer educators, a group of upperclassmen, led the event.

“Peer educators are focused on educating the entire campus about making good choices for their health and safety,”  Coke said.

Spencer Alexander, 20, a junior at Columbia College, is a peer educator who claims first-hand knowledge of poor choices.

“When I was a freshman I made a lot of mistakes that could of easily been avoided with some education,” he said.


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