Right now, I just sleep there, but that’s going to change

My name is Caitlin Wherley, and I’m on the neighborhood beat, specifically in the Blue Ridge-Oakland area. And not coincidentally, I live over there in a cute townhouse.

The Blue Ridge-Oakland neighborhoods are about seven minutes’ driving time from MU, but it’s a bit of a trek in the mornings if you hit all the red lights. What I really like about my neighborhood is that although quite a few college students live out there, it’s not all college kids. There are lots of families with young children.

My neighborhood is right next to U.S. 63, but it’s not loud like you think it would be. And just down the road there’s a Gerbes, a Jiffy Lube, a gas station, a couple restaurants — pretty much everything you would need on a daily basis. Blue Ridge-Oakland is home to Oakland junior high and Blue Ridge elementary schools; if I had kids, they could walk to school. Albert Oakland Park is nearby, with a disc golf course, a public pool and a play area for kids.

As I get to know my new neighborhood, I look forward to getting to know you. If you have story ideas, feel free to e-mail me at:



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