Bourn Avenue Neighborhood Association approved by City Council


By ZACH WADE/Missourian

Bourn Avenue is a placid, tree-lined street just west of Stadium Boulevard that runs for half a mile between Rollins Road and West Broadway. Made up primarily of low, ranch-style brick homes built in the 1960s, Bourn is a neighborhood in transition as older homeowners slowly filter out and renters or families with children move in.

Dorothy Garrison, who has lived on Bourn Avenue for more than 45 years, said she has seen a lot of changes in the area in recent years.

“We know the neighbors on either side of us, but with a lot of rental properties around, people tend to come and go,” Garrison said. “There hasn’t been much in the way of community feeling the past few years.”

Steve MacIntyre, a resident of the neighborhood for five years, hopes to change that. He recently helped organize his neighbors to form the Bourn Avenue Neighborhood Association to encourage residents to get to know one another and to give them a voice in discussions over land use and future development.

MacIntyre was elected chairman of the association at its first meeting May 26. The City Council approved the neighborhood group Monday night.

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Chairman Steve MacIntyre

Vice-chairman Brett Gill

Secretary Jenn Sonnenberg

Treasurer Angel Arnall

Interested in forming your own neighborhood association? The city has a webpage that outlines the process.


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