An Egyptian adventure for youth at Evangelical Free Church

Story and photos by MEGAN STROUP

Sara Bottorff, 19, shares her experience as a missionary in Honduras with the children. Bottorff visited Tegucigalpa on a weeklong mission trip with the Evangelical Free Church of Columbia two years ago.

Columbia children traveled through Egypt with the Evangelical Free Church of Columbia this week.

For two and a half hours each morning, Monday through Friday, Vacation Bible School participants learned about Joseph — a Biblical figure sold into slavery by his brothers — through music, games and crafts.

This year’s theme was “Egypt: Joseph’s journey from prison to palace.”

Lori Still, Vacation Bible School director, said 98 children registered for the weeklong program this year. The school is open to children entering kindergarten through fifth grade. Still added 45 adults and youth volunteered to help run the program.

Makenzie Daniels, 10, makes an Egyptian bracelet out of dried noodles at the marketplace.

Each morning, Still said the program began with an opening celebration for all ages. After that, the children were split into age groups and rotated through several activities, including music, story time, snacks, games and the “marketplace.” In the marketplace, the children had coins they could use to purchase the crafts they wanted to do that day.

Makenzie Daniels, 10, said she has been attending Vacation Bible School at the Evangelical Free Church of Columbia for two or three years. Her favorite part of this year was the wheelbarrow game, where the children held one another’s legs and raced with stuffed animals on their backs.

Makenzie said the most interesting thing she learned at the program was that the ladies in Israel wore wigs.

This was the first Vacation Bible School experience for Jacob Doyle, 7. He said his favorite part of the program was story time, when a man dressed as Joseph told the children stories from the Bible.

Jacob Doyle, 7, holds Honduran money as he listens to Bottorff talk about her mission trip.

Jacob’s favorite story was about the time Joseph’s brothers tried to steal food from his storehouses after he became a wealthy man, and Joseph forgave them.

Jacob’s mother, Rachel Doyle, was a volunteer at Vacation Bible School. On Friday, she led the missions segment of the day, during which the children learned about missionaries from the church.

Doyle taught the children that even though people have different skin colors around the world, God loves them all the same.

Sara Bottorff, a student at Southwest Baptist University, talked to the children about her experience in Honduras on a weeklong mission trip two years ago. She passed around foreign money and photographs for the children to look at, and she sang a hymn in Spanish.


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