Pilates studio to open Monday in Cherry Hill

Story and photos by MEGAN STROUP

Pilates for Every Body owner Jennifer Drewing stands with selections from the workout clothing line Zobha, available for purchase at her Cherry Hill location.

Jennifer Drewing is finally seeing her vision become a reality.

After 12 years of providing fitness services to clients, Drewing is moving her business, Pilates for Every Body, to Cherry Hill, where it will share Suite 105 at 4200 Merchant St. with Cherry Hill Massage.

“My vision was to have a wellness center with entities that complement each other,” Drewing said. Her cooperation with Cherry Hill Massage owner Andrea Morse is the beginning of this dream.

Drewing said she and Morse were paired up by a real estate agent in Cherry Hill, Mike Grellner, who had been working independently with each of the women. Drewing was looking for a new location that would allow her to expand and offer more variety in her Pilates classes, and Morse was looking for a bigger space around the same time.

“We could not fulfill our clients in a small space,” Morse said. “I was actually turning away clients.”

Before relocating to Cherry Hill, Pilates for Every Body operated off Chapel Hill Road, about two miles from the new location.

“I like this area and wanted to stay on this side of town,” Drewing said.

Instructors-in-training Beth Abernathie and Natalie Ragland assemble a cabinet at the new studio. The cabinet will hold their stereo system in the classroom.

The new building in Cherry Hill offers two separate classrooms, as opposed to the one classroom in Drewing’s previous studio. Pilates for Every Body will now offer chair classes in addition to the reformer and mat classes offered at the old location. Drewing said she also plans to incorporate mini-trampolines in the chair classes, in order to provide cardiovascular exercise to her clients as well.

The Cherry Hill studio also includes a workout clothing retail line. Drewing will be selling clothes made by Zobha, which offers workout clothes for every body type. The line, like Drewing’s classes, offer options for every body, instead of only focusing on smaller sizes.

Drewing said she started including retail in her business right before her move to Cherry Hill, and the first round of Zobha clothing sold out.

Before opening her own studio, Drewing worked out of her home, offering personal training services and one reformer. She began her first business, Functional Fitness, in 1998, but changed the name to Pilates for Every Body in 2000 when she decided to transition from personal training to purely Pilates.

Drewing’s interest in Pilates began after she suffered a spinal injury in 1998. She said she experienced back problems as a gymnast at a young age, and the injuries resurfaced in her early 20s when she took up gymnastics again to prepare for fitness competitions. Doctors told her she would need to have surgery, but she turned to Pilates instead.

“Now that I do Pilates, I can do just about anything I want to,” Drewing said.

Drewing will offer the first class at her new location at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, June 7. The joint business between Pilates for Every Body and Cherry Hill Massage will hold a grand opening event from 5 to 7 p.m. June 17.


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