Twin Lakes dog park improvements considered


A flier posted at Twin Lakes Recreation Area sometime last week incorrectly warned dog owners, “the P&R department is proposing … to shunt us permanently into the drainage pond area and give our space to the walkers and riders permanently.”

Park Services Manager Mike Griggs said the information in the flier was inaccurate, and the correct information on development plans for the dog park can be found on the Parks and Recreation website.According to the website, plans to close the park temporarily were discussed at an April 13 meeting at the Twin Lakes Shelter. The leash-free area is usually closed from December to February for safety reasons, but the department is considering closing the dog park in September or October to allow the new grass to seed.

“This is a temporary situation only to be considered due to the request of dog owners,” according to the website.

Griggs said the dog owners at the meeting complained about the lack of grass in the dog park and said they wanted to seed the area to prevent their dogs from getting muddy. There will be no permanent minimization of the leash-free area at the park.

“No decision has been made,” Griggs emphasized. “These are just options that have been discussed.”

Twelve dog owners and two park officials attended the meeting.


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