Becky King retires after 21 years at West Junior High


Ever since she was a little girl — setting up fake classrooms and teaching her “students,” the neighborhood kids, on the first day of summer — Becky King knew she wanted to be a teacher.

King has spent 36 years dedicated to teaching; she’s taught ninth-grade health at West Junior High since 1989, and before that worked at two other junior and middle schools in Texas. After 36 years, however, King felt like it was time to retire. “Other retired teachers always told me that ‘you will know’ when it is time,” she said.

King realized that this was her time. “It feels right, and I am ready!” King said.Her favorite part of teaching was interacting with her students and the faculty. She loved getting to watch her “kids” grow and learn new things.

In previous years she not only taught but also had other academic responsibilities. She was a department chair, on faculty council and was also a building representative for the Missouri State Teachers Association.

As of now her plans are to stay in Columbia. King said her husband of 38 years won’t be retiring for another two years. She plans to travel with him and see her grandchildren. She also hopes to take this as a chance to sleep in.

“I will stay here,” she said. “My family is here, and I really like Columbia.”


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