Parkade Elementary puts on spring musical


Imagine a world with no video games, digital cameras or computers.

Students at Parkade Elementary taught a lesson about imagination and “old school” fun in their spring musical. The student body was fired up for the performance of “A Kid’s Life.”

The children in the story experienced a storm that shut down all their gadgets. Dylan Valeroy, one of the performers, said if this were to happen to him, he would play sports outside like soccer, basketball and football instead. Madalyn Wells said she also would turn to sports. “I would probably play soccer 24/7,” she said.

Music teacher Stacy Pendergrass was delighted to see her students perform so well. “I’m excited to see what they’ll do in the future,” she said.Wild cheers erupted from the crowd of Parkade students when Pendergrass stepped up to the microphone.

The dress rehearsal was performed in front of the students and staff Thursday afternoon, and a performance was put on for family and community members Thursday evening.

The show was compiled of songs and speaking parts performed by third-, fourth- and fifth-graders.

“The fifth-graders stepped up as leaders for moral and behavior. They really led the way, so that was fun to watch,” Pendergrass said.

The students with lead roles put lots of time and energy into learning their parts. Below are five of the performers:

Madalyn Wells

Madalyn Wells narrated the musical with her boisterous voice. “I practiced pretty much every day and during reading. I wanted to be the narrator so bad that I asked if I could have the part. She picked me because I practiced way before the play even started,” Madalyn said. “I learned to not be scared and shoot for what you want.” Her confidence and hard work landed her the part, and her success shined through during the show.

Dylan Valleroy

Dylan Valeroy doubled up his parts in the musical. He played the dad as well as the grandpa in the story. “It’s just fun to get to be with friends and sing and perform. It’s a great experience!” As far as nerves go, Dylan was half nervous and half excited to perform. He said he enjoyed working with Pendergrass on the project: “She is just a great teacher. She motivates us to do something and doesn’t let us quit.”

Niya McAdoo

Niya McAdoo also played two roles. She performed as the mom and grandma. As an experienced actress, she wasn’t nervous at all to perform on stage. “I got to be two characters, so I got to use voices,” she said. Although she played a main part, Niya thought it was important for everyone to get a part. She was happy for the other performers.

Quentin Swafford

Quentin Swafford was a first time soloist in this musical. To prepare, he said: “I practiced a lot at home. Dylan is a good friend and we weren’t embarrassed to practice with each other.” In order to remain confident, he said practice was his main focus.

Kayla Daen

Kayla Daen was another soloist. She blew the audience away with her beautiful voice. “I practiced at my house. I sing a lot because I want to be a singer when I grow up.” Her future aspirations of being a pop artist helped her to stay motivated and practice for her part.

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