The Crossing church to continue partnership with Habitat for Humanity


The Crossing has planned another set of work sessions over the summer to work for Habitat for Humanity.

“Three years ago, there was some interest to start a partnership between the Crossing and Habitat, and they asked anybody that wanted to be involved, and somehow I got signed up,” said Carissa Havens, a Crossing member who organizes the volunteer projects with Habitat.

Havens said that the past couple years The Crossing volunteers worked on building houses in the Norbury Hills subdivision and finally completed the last of the houses there last summer.

“We have done everything from cleaning up houses that were already done and ready for the people to move in for their dedication or helped clear the lots to put down the foundation,” she said. “Frames, roofs, paint, drywall — we have done a little bit of everything.”Bill View, the executive director of Show Me Central Habitat for Humanity, said this year The Crossing members will be working mostly at 3412 Mary Jane Street.

View said Habitat homeowners pay for the house over 20 years with a no-interest loan from Habitat. They help build their houses alongside volunteers, Havens said, and these required “sweat equity” hours can be done on houses other than their own.

“We were just fortunate to pair up with one of the homeowners and his son and daughter last year, and we got to work with him like three or four times,” she said. “It has been fun to see him and hear how he’s liking the house.”

Chris Lunn, Habitat for Humanity board president and member of The Crossing, said there have been other events that have benefited Habitat for Humanity.

“We actually do a gift-wrap out at the mall, and people from The Crossing donate their time and wrap gifts around Christmas time,” he said. “All of the money that people pay for the actual gift wrapping goes towards Habitat for Humanity.”

Lunn also said relationships with places like The Crossing have benefited their organization.

“We are so blessed to have this relationship with The Crossing,” he said. “It really has been awesome to see them come out and support Habitat for Humanity.”

Havens said roughly 12 people work on the Habitat for Humanity site, consisting of whoever decides to sign up for the sessions.

“We could always use more volunteers,” she said.

Upcoming work days:

Saturday, June 12
Saturday, July 10
Saturday, August 14
Saturday, September 11

For more information on the Habitat for Humanity summer sessions, go to The Crossing’s website.


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