Broadway Christian Church youth group will help provide housing to low-income families


A group of 46 teens and chaperones from Broadway Christian Church will participate in a mission trip during which they will build and repair homes in Whitesburg, Ky.

The work will be done through Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Services, a group that works to provide housing and repairs to low-income families in four counties in Kentucky.

“It’s a life-changing experience,” Lorrie Schilke said about the mission. “As much as we give, we get much more out of it.”The youth group had originally planned to do similar work in Mexico for the mission trip, but leaders decided to change plans after political unrest raised questions about the safety of such a trip. Schilke said the large size of the group of 14- to 18-year-olds caused some problems with finding another place for the mission trip, especially because the circumstances left leaders with less time to plan.

Schilke said the group’s ability to work with HOMES “was just a godsend.” Other than the destination, very little has changed from the youth group’s original plans. The cost is about the same for the Kentucky trip as it was for Mexico, and participants will still spend their time helping to provide housing to low-income families while under professional supervision.

Participants will leave on July 25 and return on July 31.


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