Pack 5 Pinewood Derby results

Pack 5 members and their families look on to see the beginning of the next heat.

Story and photos by ALLY ANDERSON

Pack 5 held a Pinewood Derby on April 8, with several members advancing on to the Boonslick District race April 24.A Pinewood Derby is a Cub Scout event that involves scouts building small wooden cars and racing them down a metal track. The scouts can receive help from their fathers or other family members, although most like to do the design and woods work themselves.

Scouting in Pack 5 has always been a family affair and Pinewood Derby season was no exception. Many moms, dads and siblings came out to support their Cub in the race.

There are two separate aspects of a derby; the race itself and the design aspect. The top three from each den moves on to compete in the district race.

Laughter and excitement was all around during the meet. Some parents even got into the competitive spirit of the day. However, no matter the outcome, Pack 5 always has fun together.

The placement for the Dens is as follows:

  • Tigers: First place: Rowen Matthews, Second place: Seth Hawkins and Third place: Isaiah Demeron
  • Wolf: First place: Ben Fleming, Second place: Isaac Young, Third place: William Hawkins and Fourth place: Nevin Dubinski
  • Bear: First place: Shelby Johnson and Second place: Westley Denny.
  • WeBeLoS: First place: Thomas Ballew, Second place: Joseph Jacobs and Third place Christian Johnson.

The Pack overall placement included:

  • First place: Ben Fleming
  • Second place: Rowen Matthews
  • Third place: Thomas Ballew
  • Fourth place: Shelby Johnson

Christian and Shelby Johnson, both members of Pack 5, show off their ribbons to their mother, Lori.

Cars race toward the finish line.


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