Parkade Neighborhood Association aims to improve community through communication


Parkade, one of the older and more established neighborhoods in Columbia, is seeing signs of neglect by the community in some areas.

The Parkade Neighborhood Association plans to improve the situation by building up effective communication within the community and getting involved in programs the city of Columbia has to offer, according to its president Don Spradling.

According to Spradling, some indicators of neglected residences in Parkade include reduced neatness in areas and residential code violations. The length of grass and weeds in some places is more than 12 inches. In addition, some vehicles that are in states of disrepair are parked on streets and driveways. There are a few instances where residents are parking in the grass and on other inappropriate surfaces.

“This reflects badly on the neighborhood,” Spradling said. “People associate these problems with bad neighborhoods.

“This will decrease the value of houses, aesthetic value of the neighborhood and the quality and comfort of residents’ lives. The safety of residents will be affected, too.”

Spradling, who became president of the neighborhood association last August, said the goal of the association is to look out for potential problems that could affect Parkade and take care of them. His committee hopes to achieve this goal through effective communication within his committee as well as the community as a whole.

“We must join together now by establishing effective communication and assisting city law and code enforcement,” Spradling said. “These actions will keep our neighborhood safe and pleasing and therefore safeguard our interests.”

Spradling said he would like to acquire an e-mail address for all residences in Parkade and move forward on planning events that will strengthen the community, such as meetings, barbecues and a community garden.

“This gives us a forum by which we can resolve problems and work with the city for our neighborhood needs and also affords us the opportunity to get to know each other and develop mutual respect,” Spradling said.

If you would like to receive updates on Parkade, or learn how to become part of the leadership committee, contact the Parkade Neighborhood Association.


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