Benton Elementary celebrates with Sock Hop event

Story and photos by ALLY ANDERSON

Alice Hert, 8, and Mattie DeHaven, 8, both second-graders, do the "YMCA" dance.

Benton Elementary School students, teachers and families gathered together Friday, March 12 for the annual Sock Hop that had been canceled on Feb. 5 because of inclement weather.

Music blared from speakers located in the school’s gym, and everyone was encouraged to kick off their shoes and relax after a long, stressful week.

In addition to the Sock Hop, dancing and music, there was plenty of food and raffle tickets to go around. Numerous prizes were offered, including a Nintendo DSI.

Some songs played included favorites such as the “Chicken dance,” “YMCA” and the “Electric Slide.”

“My son couldn’t wait for the sock hop,” said Shauntel Garr, mother of first-grader Jonathan Garr. “He was disappointed the first time around when it was canceled because of the weather, but he couldn’t wait for today.”

The event also coincided with one student’s birthday.

“I like dancing and having a good time,” said Alice Hert, 8, a second-grader. “It’s kind of like a big birthday party.”

Alice’s mother, Carolyn Hert, agreed, saying: “The kids have so much fun. It’s a really nice, little community event.”

Students at Benton Elementary School enjoy their Friday night out and dance the night away.

Kylee Johnson and her mother, April Johnson, fill out raffle tickets. Kylee hoped for a Nintendo DSI. The Johnson family has a history at Benton: Kylee's grandmother used to be a librarian for the school.

Ray and Maggie Ryan share a father/daughter dance to "My Girl" during the school's sock hop.

Kindergartner Julian McKoy slows down for a moment to show off his dance moves.

Chase Robinson, a preschooler, shows his enthusiasm and dances with his own style.

Roxxanne Garcia, Roman Wolfe and Rosalind Eggener show off their silly sides as they do the chicken dance. "The "3 Rs," as Rosalind's mother Susan Eggener calls them, "are almost always together."


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