Chuck E Cheese’s hosts fundraiser for Parkade Elementary

Story and photos by SIMIN WANG

Emma Hill, a kindergarten student, plays Hammerhead at the arcade.

Parkade Elementary School held a Chuck E Cheese’s Night on Thursday, March 11 to raise funds for the school.

Many students came to the restaurant with their families after school, ate dinner and had fun playing the arcade games.

Parent-Teacher Association president Amy Larson is the organizer of Chuck E Cheese’s Night. She said that a percentage of the purchases at the restaurant will go to Parkade Elementary School to fund activities such as field trips, the Watch D.O.G.S program and the spring festival.

Wanting to help her school raise money, fifth-grader Jau Vonya Cole asked her parents to take her and her younger sister to Chuck E Cheese’s. She said: “I like the arcade games most. My favorite is the roller coaster game.”

Lisa Penney dines with her two daughters.

Lisa Penney took her fourth-grade daughter, Mikaylah Penney, and her toddler to the event. She said the good thing about this event was the opportunity to socialize. “I get to meet other parents and other kids,” she said.

Another parent Sam Trumbo liked the event. “I try to show support for Parkade Elementary School,” he said. “It was really good. There was a big turnout, the event was at a convenient place, there was no tight schedule, and the school gave us good warning.”

Tim Knarr helps his son Nathaniel Knarr win the horse-riding game at Chuck E Cheese's arcade.

Larson said, “The manager told me that we had more parents at this fundraiser night than all the other schools this year!”


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