‘Leaving Iowa’ at West Junior High

West Junior High School’s Theater Department presented their version of “Leaving Iowa” over the last weekend of February. The show, which lasted about two hours, was a huge hit.The show was the story of a man driving his fathers ashes to a “burial” spot while flashing back on his old road trips with his family. Props and backgrounds were used in conjunction with great acting to bring the show to life.

Many students, parents, and faculties members attended the show during its three-day run. “Leaving Iowa” was brought to life by the students and made for a great show. The performances by each student added to the overall production, including hysterical performances by the “Crazy Lady” and the “Cart Guy.”

The “Leaving Iowa” cast

Old Don—Troy Guthrie
Young Don—David Wang
Dad—Gus Lister
Mom—Hahn Ngo
Young Mom—Ella Folkerts
Sis—Lydia Rautman
Young Sis—Nora Hennesy
Farmer Johnson, Uncle Phil, Jack Singer, Bob—Berkley Roloff
Grandpa, Amish Guy, Mechanic, Wayne, Old Don—Noah Chilson
Cart Guy, Joe Hofingers, Civil War Guy, Clerk—Dylan Hosmer-Quint
Mrs. Johnson, Amish Gal, Crazy Lady—Adriana Cristal
Grandma, Museum Assistant, Judy—Courtney Clark
Aunt Phyllis, Jamie, Park Ranger, Jessie—Mariah Brady

The “Leaving Iowa” crew

Director—Sarah Gerling
Stage Manager—Courtney Bullard
Stage Manager—Eryn Wanyonyi
Properties Mistress—Corinne Piotter
Costume Crew Head—Malaika Motavalli
Costume Crew—Amber Giesler
House Manager—Cameron Grahl
Lighting Operator—Robert Kaas
Sound Technician—Alan Perry
Graphic Designer—Hilary Clements
Playwrights—Tim Clue and Spike Manton

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