Parkade boy scouts collect half a ton during food drive


Each boy scout has his collection weighed by a volunteer at Parkade Baptist Church. Jeff Harris and Elijah Peterson are excited about checking out how much food they collected. SIMIN WANG/Missourian

Parkade’s troop of boy scouts collected 1,150 pounds of food in two hours at the yearly food drive Monday night, according to scoutmaster Richard White.

These 20 scouts, ranging from grades one to 12, went around the neighborhood collecting food from the residents. The food, such as vegetables, soups, macaroni and cereal, will be given to needy families through The Shepherd’s Basket.

During the food drive, several boy scouts faced some obstacles.

Jeff Harris, fifth-grader at Parkade Elementary School, was frightened by a dog in one of the 20 houses he visited. “There was a scary part when a black-and-white dog barked and jumped at me,” he said. “I swear I jumped!”

Elijah Peterson, Parkade second-grader, battled the cold weather at his first food drive. “Our hands are frozen,” he said. “It hurts.”

Dylan Valleroy, Parkade fifth-grader, collected 91.5 pounds of food with his dad and two other boys. He said he was nervous about approaching the residents at first, but it got better after a while.

Although he found the weather chilly, he said it was worthwhile. “I felt we did a good job,” he said. “We collected tons of cans.”


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