Students, parents celebrate writing at Derby Ridge Elementary


Students and parents gathered at Derby Ridge Elementary this morning for a writing celebration in Kristin Huson’s second grade classroom.

“We are doing this to celebrate the end of a project,” Huson said. “Then the parents can come and see the work that their kids have done.”

Colorful illustrations cover the tops of essays from students who have written about their weekends, snowy play days and trips to their friends’ houses.

The students in Huson’s classroom are at various writing levels, but all were able to produce a written essay with an illustration to boot.

As the students proudly show off their work, the visitors and their peers are urged to leave words of praise on the personalized “compliment sheets” that Huson has laid out for each student. One comment reads, “Grate Ending.” Another, “Vearry funny story.”

The classroom had many visitors this morning, even the school’s principal, Tina Windett, stopped by to add compliments to the essays.

Huson has worked hard with these kids to teach them not only to write, but also to edit and revise their work.

“There is a first draft, then we edit, and then I offer them suggestions so that they can revise,” Huson said.

This was Huson’s first classroom celebration; however, the celebrations are not uncommon at Derby Ridge. Many of the teachers hold celebrations for their students at the end of projects and events.

Derby Ridge Elementary is one of two elementary schools in the Blue-Ridge—Oakland area. You can check out more about the school from their Web site.


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