Multicultural Fair at Grant Elementary School is a hit


The gymnasium of Grant Elementary was a hive of excitement this morning during the school’s annual Multicultural Fair. Twelve countries, including Yemen, South Korea and Burundi were represented at the fair.

Grant Elementary, whose Web site boasts that it has students from 27 different countries, invited parents to share their cultural heritage by setting up displays to educate students about diversity and different cultures.

Students crisscrossed around the room for two hours, inspecting poster displays and photo slideshows, trying on costumes and sampling foreign cuisine. At the Vietnam table, there was a constant line of children waiting for their turn to try using chopsticks to eat candies. In the Georgia corner, girls donned a traditional Georgian gown and posed for pictures with their friends and teachers. Mira Mohamad, a fifth-grader whose family is from Libya, dished up plates of couscous that she helped to make for the event. There was no shortage of activities or new flavors to taste test.

Mira serving cous cous

Mira Mohamad serves a traditional Libyan dish at Grant Elementary's Celebration of Cultures


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